Star Wars convention this weekend in my town, found some fabric and various dyes in my house and no plans for the following two days - a sign that must be! : *swings lightsabre*

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Yay Haldir spam! :D


(Sorry, Haldir didn’t really feel like joining, a small glimpse at the party was enough)

Okay, so I'm a huge Haldir fan and I was going through the amazing new Haldir flood on my dash but I can to that tragic meme about his death (didn't happen by the way) and a little voice on the back of my mind went: "excuse me but I didn't die" on an extremely sassy tone. I'm convinced Haldir is speaking up. He would doing something like that.

Haldir didn’t die, he was just tired and it’s not his fault scruffy mortals interpreted it this way…
He didn’t die, who said otherwise? Whatever GIF you meant, I just reblogged it because Haldir was on it and he looked fantastic as ever.

That still doesn’t mean I don’t cry when I see this wrong, misinterpreted scene in LotR/TT


princemaedhros hat gesagt: hahah i’m glad I could show you this actual Haldir-masterpiece <333

Funfact: dat glowy-horse-scene — basically how I see every Haldir-scene in the movies.
You may picture me glaring with gloomy anime-eyes while touching the tv’s surface.

Just. Like. That.

Or like this

"Y u so pretty Haldir?"
No shame

I really feel like I earned this.

do you know this video? xD

My goodness the Haldir spam tonight is lovely! Made me realise the lack of him on my dash!

there will always be a lack of Haldir on people’s dashboards.



I have to post this now since I’ve spent my past 4 hours by watching this over and over (omg) So hard to find well-made fanvideos!

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"Whenever I am emotional, you shall find your dash clogged with hot Elves.
a trillogy by me
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Lothlorien elf armour

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